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Film Production & Trailer

Latest News: Remoc Films and Full Frame Studios are collaborating on the trailer which will be shot in Tampa, FL in April 2022.

Jackknife is a vigilante action thriller film about a gas tank driver Sam Jones. Mr. Jones drives down a lonely highway, it’s Presidents Day and he has the highway all to himself until he receives several text messages telling him to pull over. Confused by what’s going on Sam disregards the messages. The person (Harry) sending the messages calls Sam by phone to warn him to stop or else. Sam disregards the demands and continues to drive. Several miles later Harry forces Sam to jackknife his truck just after the Carver bridge and onto a parking lot next to a Hazardous Waste Plant. Now Harry has Sam right where he wants him. Minutes later the police arrive and approach Sam sitting in his truck but soon back away after they see him holding a bomb detonator. Harry’s main purpose for the hijack was to get Sam to confess to all of the murders he’s committed in the area as the police listen in on them talk by two way radio.

Brown Rice & Franks
Television Series Pilot

Latest News: Remoc Films and Full Frame Studios will be shooting the pilot in mid-August in Atlanta, GA.  Remoc Films will be handling the Writing/Directing/Producing/Asst Directing and Full Frame Studios will be handling the Filming and Editing.

Brown Rice and Franks will be a comedy, drama and romantic television series based on three female Psychiatrist all specializing in different areas. Dr. Rose Brown is an African American thirty something Psychiatrist, single and a part time jazz singer. Dr. Melanie Rice is a thirty something married and ex track star Sex Addiction Therapist. And finally there is Dr. Nina Franks mid thirty something Caucasian ex basketball player specializing in Sports and Confidence Therapy. The Television Series will not only feature how the Therapist help others but also go deep into their own lives and the problems they have.

Butterfly Dust
Film Production & Trailer

Latest News: Remoc Films and and Full Frame Studios recently collaborated on the trailer in late 2021 in Atlanta, GA. 


66-year-old Natalie Rachel Hill is blind. In her younger days when she had sight, Rachel as she is called was a runway model and an artist of acrylic paint on canvas and wood. Now she sits at a pottery wheel every morning shaping clay into vases and other shapes. Rachel lives in her lake house and most of the day she sits on her boat pier, and today she listens to the radio as an announcer comes on and says that the love of her life Trent Holmes has died. Rachel is shocked and begins to reflect back in time when they met and also when they spent time together at the lake house. Trent came in her life just after she went through a hard breakup from and abusive man. Trent proposed to Rachel but back then she was stuck on living at her lake house as an artist. Trent had other plans as a businessman owning a casino and living in Las Vegas. Rachel doesn’t want any part of Las Vegas and decides to stay at her lake house.

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