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Remoc Films initially started with book publishing and has done very well with it’s first four books “Trent and the Last Plum”, “Silent at the Waterfall”, “I Am Silent” and “Dust from a Butterfly” - all written by C. Jewerll Williams.

“Trent and the Last Plum" has gotten recognition in numerous domestic book fairs as well as The 2018 Frankfurt Book Fair. Read more about each of his nonfiction novels and children's books below. They are available for purchase online as well.

Trent and the Last Plum

Trent Learns about patience and sharing

A heartwarming story about a little boy who learns important life lessons as he tried to get the last juicy red plum off a tree. Inspired by events that happened to the Author as a child.

Trent and the Last Plumb_Hardcover.jpg

Silent at the Waterfall

Silent becomes independent and confident

A shy young teenager name Silent opens up to a waterfall about her problems. Mr. Waterfall she affectionately calls him assures Silent that she's beautiful and talented. Silent opens up to Mr. Waterfall about family issues. Mr. Waterfall speaks to Silent through gifts of things that people have thrown away. Silent in turn promises Mr. Waterfall she will play music for him and also to keep his waters clean.

Silent and the Waterfall_Hardcover.jpeg

Dust from a Butterfly

A Novel

66 year old Rachel Hill was a model and an artist in her younger days but is now blind. She only works her art on her pottery wheel. While taking a break outside on her boat pier, she gets the news that her ex boyfriend Trent Holmes has passed away. Rachel has flashbacks of when her and Trent were young and in love.

Dust from a Butterfly_Softcover.jpg


“Wonderful, well written book. My grandchildren love Trent and the Last Plum! Cute illustrations. I love the life lessons it teaches the kids."

Kris, USA

“Wonderful Book! Trent and the Last Plum is my daughters favorite book, we read this gem every day!"

Trenton H., USA

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