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Writer/Director C. Jewerll Williams has written and published several nonfiction novels and children's books over the years and has extensive experience developing printable books and ebooks, as well as branding, and media distribution of them.


These books have gotten recognition in numerous domestic book fairs as well as the 2018 Frankfurt Book Fair. One of his novels, "Dust from a Butterfly" which is currently being adapted into a movie called "Butterfly Dust", he also has hands on experience with developing and directing the actual film production.


In 2020, C. Jewerll Williams decided he wanted to share his knowledge and consult with other writers/authors to help them publish their scripts into books or ebooks, as well as developing and directing their tv or film productions - hence Remoc Films was born.


C. Jewerll Williams has since brought on additional collaborators including Carla Byrd and Bradley Hill who provide additional assistance on the tv and film productions and handle the production/editing and music development.

Since they started working together to provide comprehensive services, Remoc Films has since signed their first film production which will be a feature film called “Jackknife” - an action vigilante thriller. Other recent film productions include “Butterfly Dust” as mentioned above; and they have many more projects that they will be sharing in the very near future.


At Remoc Films, our clients come first and “Distributing your content is important to us.” This is our motto, this is a part of our creed: “IT’S ALWAYS A WAY!”


We have an excellent team of collaborators that can help you get your tv, film or book project out there. Click on each team member to learn more about their backgrounds and what they do for us at Remoc Films.

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